Cuz it’s funny…

And slightly scary, now that I think about it.

I know that this has been done before here and there and everywhere, but hey, it’s kinda fun and Pojz was curious:

Post fridge & pantry pics!

I’ll show you mine (with sticky notes!) if you show me yours. . ^_^

…Maybe it’s the peeping tom in me…


6 thoughts on “Cuz it’s funny…

  1. lol what is the intended purpose of single-serving nacho cheese cups?!?! and to follow up, what is *your* purpose for such things?? (I has a feeling it’s not used as intended!)
    I would show you my pantry, except I’m currently living at home w/ mom and dad, and I couldn’t identify 40% of the things in our kitchen even if I tried.
    Well I might try depending how bored I am. She definitely hsa things 5 years past expiry in there…

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Single serve nacho cheez cups are for eating, of course!
      The Hubbs doesn’t like nacho cheez and I am incapable of finishing a whole jar by myself and more often than not it goes bad before I can come close.
      It’s also portion control!
      The single-serve salsa cups on the “dried goods” shelf are for the same purpose. We buy them both at Sobey’s (Compliments brand) if you were curious — I noticed that Hidden Valley Ranch comes that way too, now.

      1. No, it’s VERY organized! Mine is empty, save for water and booze, and my folks’ fridge looks like something exploded in there. Whenever I visit them I constantly have to dig behind things to find the butter.

      2. TeaseMeGirl

        Maybe it’s a product of getting old — I can’t find ANYTHING in my parents’ fridge. It’s like an explosion of stuff in there and god only knows how old some of the stuff in the back is :S

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