It’s Day 9!

It’s a beautiful day outside and there weren’t too many dandilions!

They have been thwarted for another day. Yay!

Food is kinda meh again — I’ve been eating my greens, like a good girl should, but I’m rather bored.

My 2am snacks have consisted of 1 piece of swiss cheese, 1 piece of all beef balogne, a handful of alfalfa sprouts, 7 rather large romaine lettuce leaves and a little cup of ranch dressing forr dipping.

I’ve had a baby banana and my potion thusfar and I’ve got a small pot of wild rice on the stove. I tried to make something resembling Cooking Light’s Wild Rice & Barley Salad, but I’ve had to change the recipe to an altogether different beast due to a lack of ingredients.

I used bulgur instead of barley (that’s gonna come back and get me.. Hello, wheat!), craisins instead of golden raisins and I was originally going to throw in a can of kidney beans instead of the required chickpeas, but I realized that it was just too bean-y if I did that, so omitted them entirely.

Tasting the dressing mixed with the grains, it was way too much Dijon flavour, but I think that might actually be the mustard’s fault, not the recipe’s. The Hubbs noticed that the new bottle of Dijon is extremely potent compared to previous jars, in a sinus clearing sort of way.

I think I feel like doing something extremely gross: grapple + nacho cheez. Yea, baby.


2 thoughts on “It’s Day 9!

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      That could be arranged, though it might also terrify you.
      Thinking about it: I’ll show mine if you show me yours :D

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