Dandilion Patrol is back!

…Sort of.

It’s not snowing, but it’s still pretty darn chilly outside — just under 10C with cool winds.

Today is Day 11 of the Dandilion Patrol (thanks PT, for that one) and it wasn’t too bad.

Those dandilions that were brave enough to surface were anihilated relatively quickly and now we just hope for the warm weather to return.

Dinner tonight is going to hurt: creamy chicken noodle casserole using the chicken from the homemade chicken soup last week. In fact, I’m already feeling it just from taste testing.



2 thoughts on “Dandilion Patrol is back!

  1. So it just occured to me w/ your dandelion picking… Animal Crossing IRL? All you need now are fruit trees, a bug collection, some fossils, and a huge aquarium for fish.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      LOL!! I haven’t played that in ages!
      The other suggestion was that I had my very own Harvest Moon reality ^_^

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