Yay for sun!

I imagine that it will be short-lived, but it will be enough for another attack on the weeds.

We’re doing well on Day 12 of the Weed Battle.

I, on the other hand, am not doing so well.

I’m still exhausted beyond belief and I have apparently turned a slight shade of… green. o_O;

I was napping on the sofa yesterday afternoon and when The Hubbs got home, he sat down and took one look at me and went all worried.

Not wearing my glasses, he’d not noticed the very very bruised circles under my eyes and apparently I’ve turned a not so healthy shade of green. Emphasis on green, not yellow.

We shall see what Family Doc says next week when I see him for my monthly.

In slightly different news — The last two days have been rather sucky on the no-wheat-diet front. I’ve been so tired the last two days that I haven’t cared about what I’ve been eating for supper. The only thought processes were: Make food for dindin. Eat food. Go to bed. Worry about feeling sick later.

Having said that, because I stayed home while The Hubbs did a grocery run (very sad, I was not being able to go), yesterday we had for the first time in a really long time: Frozen pizza. o_O; It was my request and The Hubbs obliged by bringing home 2 different kinds: 1 Delissio Half & Half Rising Crust pizza and 1 Our Compliments indian flat bread pizza. I got to choose and the other went into the freezer for another day. He also brought home a bunch of other junky bits.

The Delissio was NASTY. Actually, that’s not entirely true. The parts of the pizza that had actually baked properly were alright, but the middle of the pizza and the side that was labeled “deluxe” was still uncooked and squidgey. Uncooked pizza dough is gross. As for their marketing tag line, “It’s not delivery, it’s Delissio!”? I can believe it’s not delivery and it’s so not delissio. YUCK.

So tonight, I’m going to make thai green curry with the last of the chicken and rice. That should be good enough.


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