Highwood Crossing’s canola oil is BRIGHT YELLOW!!

And wow is it awesome when liberally drizzled over some super ripe sliced cocktail tomatoes seasoned only with a little s&p + dried basil. Yes, dried basil. I can’t grow a basil plant to save my life and I can’t justify buying one of those plastic packs of fresh basil when all I’d use is two leaves worth, so I use what I have.


And so tasty.

The tomatoes would be so awesome over top some crusty bread, but alas, it’s not meant to be for me. So I’ve let my tomatoes juice from being salted, peppered generously, added my tiny pinch of basil that was squished between my fingers to turn it to powder and then liberally drizzled with canola oil and mixed the whole lot with a generous scoop of Liberte’s cottage cheese.

Damn fine meal.

Tonight, when we get home from Family Dindin, I’m making me a Dulce de Leche yoghurt sundae with the baby bananas, organic strawberries, crumbled choco-choc mackies and a whole lotta whipped cream. ^_^


2 thoughts on “Yum!

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Breakky ended up being oatmeal slow cooked with prunes (for supposed sweetness, though I detected none) and some baby bananas and enough milk to slurp it all down ^_^

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