Dulce de leche yoghurt with bananas & crumbled chocolate macaroons.

This stuff is so much better than ice cream.

Yesterday was Day 02 of Active and I died. The workout was way more streneous than Day 01. Today is my rest day from the Wii and it would appear that there are still no 10 dandilions popping up to say hi.

Foodwise, I had a pita with 2 eggs + 2 slices of (unhappy) bacon. I’m not 100% sure if my stomach is starting to come around to handling wheat again but I am trying to limit it to being at most once a day. So far things are feeling mostly alright.

I can’t believe how much stuff is in the fridge right now that isn’t on our normal grocery list: dulce de leche yoghurt, cottage cheese, sour creme, rice pudding, guacamole, microbrewed sodas, tons of different cheeses (I think I’ve got about 5+ or so)… it’s crazy!

I feel rather intimidated to be honest. The Hubbs doesn’t really eat dairy products, I just realized. He eats the odd slice of cheese here or there and milk with his cereal on weekends, but beyond that… I’m the main consumer of dairy. Wow. That’s a crazy revelation right there.


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