I get to do bad things for the next week and some ^_^

So to speak, at least.

Saw Family Doc today for monthly visit and…. *blank*


Well, we may have come upon a reason for me turning green — it could be the Reynaud’s that’s doing it to me. Every now and then I turn up at the office wearing mittens because my fingers have gone deathly white. He’s seen it before, but for some reason he’s rather amazed (perplexed?) by it every single time. It makes my rather long fingers look that much more intimidating when they’re cold and white and he touches them. Anyhow, he thinks that perhaps it’s a lack of circulation to my face. *shrugs*

As to other things discussed:

* I told him about my call from Rheumy and what the current plan of action is. We went over my last few months of test results (since January, in fact) and he couldn’t figure out which liver enzyme tests she was referring to as being elevated since May’s results certainly weren’t the highest I’d ever reached in the past.

* The exhaustion is killlllllllling me… I am so tired of it, no pun intended. When I get my usual end-of-month labwork done, I’ll be adding a few more tests this time around to the list to see if there’s anything else going on.

* Having brought up the topic of extra lab work, I asked Family Doc if it would be possible to get a gluten intolerance test done at the same time if I spend the next week and some pumping myself full of wonderful bready/pasta/wheaty goodness to see if we can finally get an answer on my recurring tummy troubles. Everything is all set up for that too, yay me.

To sum up: I get to eat all sorts of carby goodness and see if we get any helpful results from putting myself through misery over the next week and some.

Onwards, my carb-loving companions!


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