Sunny side up eggs, laying face down on buttered, toasted, cheese bread.

Damn it’s been forever since I’ve had eggs for breakky, let alone on TOAST.

I love bread too much. Toast with butter and creamed honey, garlic bread to mop up spaghetti sauce, ciabbatta with happy shrooms & cheese, baguette to soak up mussel juices, a fresh and still slightly warm loaf of cheese bread so you can eat it in the car by tearing out the squishy insides… yeaaaa.

In other news: Day 14 of Dandilion Patrol.

I have to think of something to bring on Saturday to a friend’s BBQ.

So far, nothing is grabbing my attention and I really have no desire to bring a dessert unless I absolutely have to (plus it sounds like there will be a lot of desserts anyhow).


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