I haz the dandelion shakes.

Day 15 of you know what.

For some reason, the backyard looks like it’s completely riddled with dandelions; more so than usual AND now we have thistles, too! Too bad Eeyore wasn’t around.

Last Friday, The Hubbs & I went shopping with Mom & Dad to Ikea’s midnight madness sale. We just went because Mom asked if we’d like to tag along and show them the 4×4 Expedit shelving unit that we have, so they could buy one to put in both their bedroom & Baby Bro’s.

In the end, it turned out the 4×4 was far too large for them so they bought a 2×4 Expedit instead to see how it would fit.

We ended up scoring a 2×2 floor model for $44.

For the last few months, we had been considering the idea of buying another 4×4 to use as room divider between the kitchen & family room, but after moving the big red sofa on friday night and putting the wee 2×2 in place to get an idea as to what it would look like, we realized that it just made the family room far too cramped. So away went that idea. The original home for the 2×2 was going to be in the family room on the far wall to hold the plants and so we could get rid of the corner coffee table.

After moving all the furniture back to their original positions, I asked The Hubbs to see if the shelf fit underneath the island countertop. Guess what? It fits like a glove, right perfectly centered between the two brackets underneath. Woo! We can finally clean off the island of its clutter! My bento boxes & tiffins have a permanent, designated home! YAY! I think we’ll be going back again to Ikea this weekend and buying a second 2×2 so we can put it in the orignal spot in the family room so we can clean the place up some more. It’s starting to seriously wigg me out how much stuff we have going on.

I’m quite pleased with the ability to finally get some things reorganized again. It looks like this might finally be the year to get things reorganized around the house and outside after the last few years of turmoil — I think I’m going to try and purge the closets again,too. It seems like even though we did that large purge a few months back, it didn’t seem to have reduced the amount of clothing still floating around the house in other closets. Strange. I might also be making a trip to the second hand bookstore to get rid of some of the books in the house.

Things are starting to feel a little better ^_^

Note for future reference: The Hubbs does not like having to walk around Ikea carrying a pink bukkit. It hurts his masculinity.


4 thoughts on “I haz the dandelion shakes.

  1. I love Ikea. I am currently enjoying a bag of their swedish meatballs and that ridiculously bad for you yellow cream sauce that shouldn’t belong on meatballs, but works only because it’s swedish and has an umlaut in it’s spelling. And don’t even get me started on my Lingonsvelt love…

  2. IKEA is full of win. I haven’t been in a while, but I should head back to see what kind of bookcases/shelving units they have. I swear like most of my room could be featured in an IKEA catalog.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      I totally vote for the Expedit units.
      They go anywhere from 2×2 as seen above, all the way up to a 5×5! But you have to have some serious space in order to assemble them ^_^

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