The repair guy was here to fix the compressor on our fridge. We had received a letter from Maytag (apparently our second warning) saying that our model of fridge has a faulty compressor which can catch fire, so call this number for a free repair.

He pulled the fridge out from the wall and there were BIG BLACK TUMBLEWEEDS behind the fridge!!!

OMG SO GROSS!! The dustballs were the size of my hand and looked like cotton candy — only black.

Yea I realize that we’ve never been behind the fridge before, but after today, it looks like we have a slight problem with getting access to the space behind the fridge.

It’s TINY. Like teeny tiny. You pull the fridge out as far as you can and it hits the island, the access space is maybe between my elbow & wrist. Thank god the repair guy was small, but he had to take off all the hardware from his belt and suck in his stomach before getting in behind and he wasn’t a big guy, either!

The fridge has since been put back but I have no clue as to how we’re gonna get at those big balls of nasty.

I should’ve taken a picture … they were Totoro HUGE!


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