I’m hot, tired, sweaty and headachey… not to mention hungover for almost 5 days straight now.


I’m sitting at the kitchen table after a huge pantry/essentials re-stocking trip to the grocery store with an ice pack on my head in hopes that it slows down the sweating and cools me down. Other than looking really stupid, I guess it’s working. Plums, nectarines and apricots are in my fruit bowl just waiting to be devoured, they’re on their way to being perfectly ripe, I’m so excited! (I’m also rather ashamed to say that we haven’t done a grocery run in at least 3+ weeks, possibly four.)

The Hubbs has had a 5 day mini-break and we’ve been out and about doing stuff almost every day. Yesterday was the annual Bad Golf Day for the boys and so I stayed home and tried to catch up on some much needed sleep.

Thursday was a rather anxiety ridden day as The Hubbs’ youngest sister was admitted for an emergency C-section for her twin boys, 8 weeks premature. Good news: mom and both wee baby boys are doing well, and I do mean WEE! Dad and big sister are also happy, relieved and excited.

Friday we went for a great road trip to Peyto Lake, 40km from Lake Louise. It was a rather long drive, but it was great scenery along the way with the beautiful weather. My apologies to the #Planet for the mass influx of pics.

Castle Mountain — on the left, Bow River below

Damn Tasty Almond Croissant @ Laggan’s Mountain Bakery & Delicatessan in Lake Louise
(they also have a few Gluten-free offerings!)

Happy looking grey jay hangin’ out in the sun

What remains of Crowfoot Glacier
(We’re not 100% certain since we can’t recall)

Cool looking spikey, almost inverted pinecone looking flowers

Peyto Lake

In rather unrelated news:

* The Hubbs is recording a huge chunk of 80’s music from cassette & record into mp3 — the music never stops!

* WickedChili.ca is a new Indian restaurant that does lunch & dinner buffets as well as take-out. It’s rather awesome. We’ve been twice now, the first time was on Thursday with Brit-SIL for the lunch buffet and then take-out yesterday, because I was dying for a repeat of the lamb curry and couldn’t get my mind off of it.

Balti Lamb was AWESOME — it wasn’t the same curry I had on Thursday, but damn it was good! The lamb was super tender and flavourful with just the perfect amount of heat. This is a no creme in the sauce, type of curry.

Butt-Chick (butter chicken) @ WC is The Hubbs new favourite — My only complaint is that the chicken pieces were kind of dry. Our regular take-out place, Masala Express, offers a really sweet version by comparison, but the chicken’s never dry.

Garlic naan was good — it’s on par with Masala Express but not nearly as huge or as cheap.

Veggie pakoras are so not worth it — WC’s were like big honkin’ veggie Timbits. They were so doughy, not to mention super expensive and the accompanying sauce was bizarre. It was like coconut milk with mint and something else (cilantro, perhaps?). Marsala Express wins for both the accompanying mango chutney & dainty crispy pakoras.

Saffron rice had real saffron threads in it! — That was cool, but Marsala gets bonus points for giving you an order for free when your order is $30 or more.

Papadums were super tasty — I’ve never been a papadum fan, and we’ve never ordered them from Marsala Express because they don’t have it on their menu, but when we had it at the buffet I quite enjoyed their crunchy spiciness and they were fresh, too! If you can refer to deep-fried foods as “fresh”, that is.

Once the damn ring road completely opens up, it’ll take us five minutes to drive down the hill for a relatively quick fix, especially if we go for the buffet. Personally, I’ll happily take the round-about drive to Creek Side to WickedChili.ca until that time comes.

(As an aside: I wonder if WickedChili.ca used to be a GreenChili.ca since their menus are practically identical and the gentleman that greeted us on Thursday afternoon made mention of the fact that they have changed ownership… Interesting.)

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    1. TeaseMeGirl

      At least you GO to the stampede, or parts of it, and “contribute to the local economy”… we generally have nothing to do with it if at all possible :P~

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