Hee hee hee….

I think I ate something I shouldn’t have.

Baby Bro is home safe and sound from his quick jaunt to Japan and he brought back presents from his ex-gf.

She gave him some tasty .jp treats to bring home for the family and we had a few tonight at Family Dindin, of which, has been temporarily moved to Wednesday nights because Spa Lady cancelled the class they normally attend on Wednesdays, but has a class they might be interested in attending on Thursdays.

As for me… ~I~ am very possibly, slightly tipsy.

There was something in the sweet tomato jelly cup that seems not to be quite agreeing with me at the moment and so I am feeling just a wee bit boozed.

So now I am going to go off and giggle to myself for no apparent reason, all because of an innocent looking tomato jelly cup from Japan.


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