Pictures, oh my!

It’s the 2009 Annual Stampede Pancake Breakky Day!

Bubbles has been having issues for some reason with the memory stick, so I had to upload things the hard way.

Anyhow, my appologies to the #Planet in advance: I think there will be a lot of pictures to be had.


Pot’o’bacon — ready & waiting

Pot’o’sausages — a second option to bacon, choice of bratwurst or spicy italian

Pancake batter in the works — that’s maple syrup being added

Bacon pancake in the works

Bacon pancake flip — a perfect first pancake flip!

2009’s newest pancake contender: Bacon-banana pancake!

Bacon Pancake (left) and Banana Pancake (right)

Bacon banana pancake cooked — looks slightly phallic at a glance, no?

2009’s newest sweet experiment — Saskatoon berry pancake syrup! Yum!

Dad’s Stampede Breakky of choice: Bacon pancake (top left), Bacon-banana pancake (middle),
Spicy Italian sausage (top right), Chicken curry (bottom right), Saskatoon pancake syrup (the messy berry stuff)

4 thoughts on “Pictures, oh my!

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      That’s the only way you can get bacon pancakes — from a pot’o’bacon! Gotta have enough for both making pancakes and eating straight up, yanno :D

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