Hawt Doc, hello!

Saw Hawt Doc today.

Practically nothing of interest to discuss:

* Lungs are doing the same.
* No terrible occurrances have resulted from going off the Imuran.
* ……..

Yea, seriously, there wasn’t really much of anything to discuss.

I mentioned the damn cough that is still persisting since Las Bacon, but that could be partially attributed to the Altace. The only thing that’s making me suspicious and making me reconsider is the fact that I’m sometimes coughing up gunk or I’m coughing to the point of making my throat feel uber sore… it also makes me see stars now and then.

Oh and I guess the dizziness is a bit of an issue. It’s returned with a vengeance which pisses me off. Hawt Doc was concerned, but since I told him I have an MRI scheduled for Friday, he seemed happy that it’s being dealt with and still rather amazed at the number of doctors I’ve got going on under my belt.

The only other thing I brought up that hadn’t been resolved since I’d spoken to him last was about the clinical studies he’d called about. I have in my posession a consent package that explains the whole kit and kaboodle and I still have yet to make a decision. I’m still leaning towards participating but my parents aren’t pleased with my expressing interest. It’s a lot less testing than I originally thought it would be, essentially 3 visits over three years, but still a fair amount of work nonetheless — though technically it would be more like 6 visits, as described below.

Phase I would be a screening test to assess whether or not I’d even be a possible candidate for the study by the criteria set forth by the company conducting the studies. Obviously if I don’t qualify, that’s the end of that and I go on my merry way.

If I qualify to participate, I move onto a second visit where a baseline of everything is taken, lab work is done, etc etc etc. Talking with the clinical studies nurse after seeing Hawt Doc, they actually break this appointment up into two sessions — baseline + right heart catheterization. The interesting part about this, to me, was the fact that it would be Hawt Doc himself that would be doing the RHC, because that’s what he does. I didn’t realize this. It’s probably a good thing I didn’t know this, to be honest.

Anyhow, the RHC is where the study is not so fun for my parents — Blood work is a non-issue, as are PFTs, ECHOs and ECGs. It’s the RHC that’s wiggin’ them out, and rightfully so.

Does it bug me? Mmmm… yes, but only somewhat. Having to answer all sorts of questions regarding my health history and my current state of being, as well as be examined physically gives me the willies way more than having a pseudo-bat-straw inserted into my neck. (Remember the bat-straw, anyone?) Hmmm… that admission is actually kind of disturbing in its own right, it would seem. Delusional, are we? Perhaps or denial.

So yea, I need to have this recurring chat with The Hubbs and see what we decide. As an aside, should I ever end up with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension because of SALLY at some point, I’d have to do the RHC at some point anyhow because that’s considered to be “the gold standard confirmatory test for PAH“.

Anyone have any thoughts they might wanna think through with me?


2 thoughts on “Hawt Doc, hello!

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      But of course I want a bat straw! ;)
      Who wouldn’t wanna be jabbed in the NECK? *grins*
      The problem I have right now is that The Hubbs is too tired to want to talk about the study and they’re already starting to book for September and they sort of want an answer as soon as possible.
      Obviously I know what my parents’ position is on the whole thing.

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