Good News

Baby C is doing much better than even two day ago and things are looking less bleak.

The good mojo everyone’s been sending has been great for him, thank you a million times over.

As of today, the swelling in his brain has gone down and he’s showing response to external stimuli like touch and voice — YAY! They’re still not sure to what extent the brain damage is, but they’re hoping that it will start to heal itself over time.


In other news… I haz pikturs. Lots and lots of pictures.

Last night was an early birthday celebration for Baby Bro’s 26th birthday and we went to Sushi Bar Zipang.

Below, is dinner!

Sushi Bar Zipang

Tori no Karaage (seasoned boneless fried chicken) — Everyone has to have chicken on their birthday

Tempura Eel — the best tempura’d anything I’ve ever had!

Tempura Salmon & Tuna Roll

Octopus Sunomono

Grilled Salmon Collar

Grilled Black Cod (top left), Sunomono (front), Tempura Salmon & Tuna Roll #2 (top right)

Mackeral (top left), Spot Prawn with Head (front), 3 Uni (top right)

And because I keep talking about the Chimichurri sauce:

Chimichurri sauce with a small porkchop and tomatoes and bbq grilled shrimp
(tossed well with lemon pepper seasoning and bacon salt before grilling)

4 thoughts on “Good News

  1. Everyone has to have chicken on their birthday
    I think we have a difference of opinion here…
    However, the tenpura eel sounds good and the tenpura rolls are quite an interesting idea.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Okay, you’re right.. you’re the exception.
      What do you eat in place of ‘good luck birthday chicken’?
      The eel and the rolls were to be honest, probably my favourite items for dindin. I would go back just for those two items tonight if given the option. ^_^

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