Too early for this…



Two calls first thing this morning, one after the other.

Hawt Doc’s Case Study Nurse finally got back to me with a new date for RHC after I declined the priliminary appointment of August 27, our wedding anniversary. Apparently Hawt Doc’s a busy bee, so I was given two options: I wait for the next available appointment which is Dec.03 or I have the RHC done sooner by another doctor entirely.

I chose the December appointment.

The other phone call this morning was from Rheumy’s office — They wanted to know if I was still on the Imuran… my liver enzymes are still elevated. No other questions than that and to just keep staying off of it still. *shrugs*

Tired… so tired…

Have I mentioned how ridiculous the Dilaudid is some nights? I drugged up last night and all I could think about were the baby blankets I had started for The Twins and I think I’ve decided (or my conscious unconscience decided) to scrap the original pattern and remake the Expensive Wooly Blanket of Doom in ack!rylic baby stuffs. The biggest reason for the change in heart, pattern-wise, is that I just can’t breeze through it and I really wish I could. I know I can breeze through the EWBD, it’s just a long and boring processs, though since I’m making the blanket a lot smaller than my original, I don’t think it’ll be nearly so bad in the scheme of things… I hope.

Did I mention tired?


[RE: Baby C — It’s been quite a few days sice we’ve heard any news, possibly even a week to be honest, but it sounds like he’s slowly pulling himself to a better place. Last information we were given was that the swelling in his brain had gone down, he was opening his eyes and he was receptive to outside stimuli like voice and touch. This is pretty awesome. He will have some brain damage, but they still don’t know to what extent given babies’ brains are really great at healing and adapting. Keep your fingers crossed that our little guy comes out of the NICU roaring like a lion cub once he’s grown into himself properly.]


2 thoughts on “Too early for this…

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      The Twins were born 8 weeks early by emergency C-section, Baby C was not doing so well in utero at the time so much so, that, if I remember correctly, he was losing weight and I think at some point they may have lost his heartbeat?
      After that whole ordeal, they were both doing well for a few days and then the poor little guy developed an infection that tends to be common in preemies and it was pretty much downhill from there for him.
      His “younger” brother, Baby E, has suffered no ill effects, which is great.

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