Change of plans and some sad news.

My apologies to the #Planet, this seems to be a crappy few days.

The Hubbs’ Sister & BIL have made the final decision to do what’s best for their family and Baby C. Having spoken to his doctor and having him list what paths they could take, they have decided to sign a DNR. He will continue to be weaned off of the ventilator, and chance are he will be fine without it. However, they have made the choice that it is a one-way street so to speak, and he will not be re-intubated. They will be speaking to the palliative care team today to talk about what sort of care Baby C will continue to get. He will be made as comfortable as possible, and will continue to be fed and looked after, but there will be no extraordinary measures taken to keep him alive, if he chooses to go.

Now, onto my change of plans. I couldn’t make the Balsamic Strawberry Jam yesterday. Reason? The strawberry crops in around Calgary and the province in general has suffered some pretty crappy weather that has done serious damage to a lot of farms so any berries that you can find that are home grown are waaaaaaaaaaaaaaay expensive. Like $5 a basket expensive. Maybe I am out of touch with how much fruit costs, but it’s rather shocking. That and the berries that are available are miniscule — like baby fingernail miniscule. Somehow I feel rather ripped off at paying five bucks for that. I ~know~ they’ll be so tasty, but it just seems like highway robbery to me.

So my decision has become this: I will probably make with imported strawberries from California or Mexico, later in the season when I feel bored… and I’ve gotten over my disappointment at the loss of local berries for this year.

In the meantime, I have plans of making two different pickles today: Sweet cherry pickles and Japanese Pickle Sticks.

We shall see how that goes. I’m in the midst of eating leftovers for breakky right now and will hop to it once I’m done. All my supplies are sitting on the counter ready to roll, I just have to get started.


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