Pickles, pickles, everywhere!

I am hoping to make dill pickles again this summer with Miss R, but yesterday was a good refresher on canning.

Both recipes came out of The Complete Book Of Small-batch Preserving: Over 300 Recipes To Use Year-round and were really nice to make because, as the title indicates, you don’t end up making a dozen jars of anything that you might have to worry about giving away or consuming all at once.

I’m rather pleased at the outcome of my little experiment yesterday: 3 jars of pickled sweet cherries which are supposed to be sweet & sour tasting and very good with roast beast of all sorts and 5 jars of Japanese Pickle Sticks made with Dad in mind.

Washed’n’Ready to be pickled cherries from the Farmer’s Market

Cut’n’Prepped veggies ready to be pickled with steamy hot brine
daikon, zucchini, cucumbers

Finished products
Japanese Pickle Sticks (back), Pickled Sweet Cherries (front)

The leftover veggies I cut up small and put into a glass pyrex with the leftover brine that I boiled again and then stashed in the fridge to make refrigerator pickles. Those are only going to take 4 days to sit as opposed to a month. That way there’s a little bit of instant gratification to tide us over for the next 3-4 weeks before the jarred stuff can be sampled.

Now all that’s left to do is print off more labels and wait.


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