I dunno what to do… o_O;

So… I’m still working on my Blue Baby C blankie…

Since C’s passing, I’ve been working on the blankie, but dunno what I should do with it come finishing time.

I’ve suddenly been given an idea but I don’t know if I should continue on with my original plan of making two separate blankies or change the blanket entirely by stopping the blue where it is (or a few rows from now) and continuing on with the Green Baby E blankie instead.

That way it, becomes a blankie that Baby E can share the good intentions made for both him and his brother together in one… did that make sense?

I’d give two separate blankies as orinally intended, but I have a feeling it might be discarded or given away along with all the other things that Baby C’s parents are currently trying to clean out of their house right now because of their grief.

I don’t want the new blankie design to be seen as a cruel afterthought like, “Oh he’s passed on, now I don’t have to make two blankets” type of thing, but rather, “Keep the thought of your brother in your heart” type of wish.

…I dunno… maybe this is all too lame for words. :/



2 thoughts on “I dunno what to do… o_O;

  1. What you said made sense. I’d do the dual color blanket, but don’t stop where you’re at, just finish up the blue row, then move on to green.
    I don’t see the two tone blanket as an afterthought. I see it as memory for the little one. I’d probably wait just a bit before giving the blanket too, just to give the parents a little time for a little healing.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      The plan was to give the blankie to the twins’ parents when they were both complete. When we got news of Baby C being taken off life support, we figured we would give the blankies at a later date, given I wasn’t going to be able to finish it in time.
      But yea, I would probably do another 3-4 rows to make the Baby C’s blankie square, then switch the blue out for green, which is Baby E’s blankie colour.
      …I should really take a pic of the blankie before the colour change…

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