Of dill pickles & kugelhopf au lard

2009 Dill Pickling Party is officially over.

This year, with four of us contributing to the hard, smelly, vinegary labour, we made 37x1L jars of garlic dill pickles, plus 1 little 250ml to use up the few remaining cukes at the end.

That’s a lot of cucumbers! Forty pounds worth, to be exact. We each came away with 8x1L to take home and our ever generous hostess Miss R, kept the extra litre plus the wii 250ml snack sized jar as thank you for being so kind to open up her kitchen again to the bunch of us.

The bacon & onion kugelhopf was well received and enjoyed by all, though I found it to be a little on the dry side. My own fault because I once again did not follow the instructions explicitly and ended up changing the baking method.

Instead of baking the whole thing in my bundt pan as called for, I split the dough into twelve portions and found that after the final proofing, they were overwhelming the baby cakie pans. Seeing that, I split each of the original twelve cakes into rough halves and dumped the excess into another twelve baby cakie pans.

The resulting mini kugelhopfs ended up being more like a tea biscuit in texture. I don’t know what a true kugelhopf texture is supposed to be like, but I would like to think that it’s more moist and less crusty than what I made. The baby-k’s were still enjoyed and especially good with a nice slathering of butter…


But damn, they were good.

After a good discussion about them as they were being consumed, some of us came to the conclusion that they would be fantastic used as an “egg McMuffin” base or as I suggested: served buttered, sandwiched with ham and cheese. God I’m drooling just thinking about it.

I will definitely make it again. I think I heard talk of another Oktoberfest celebration this fall, perhaps I will see if the host & hostess would mind if I brought it to that event even though it’s not exactly traditional fare and I will make sure it is made properly in the bundt pan… Though technically, a proper kugelhopf pan is a kind of swirly turban shaped bundt, not the traditional rounded pan.

Happy days, I tell you.

Happy Days.


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