Funny thought…

So while we were cleaning up from the pickling party, we had a whole bunch of brine leftover.

Obvious thing to do was just dump the stuff down the drain because we had no more cucumbers to pickle. I don’t know how it came about, but I mentioned that we could always use it to pickle eggs.

Nobody was terribly thrilled with that idea on the basis that no one liked pickled eggs. I can’t say one way or the other whether I like them since I’ve never had the opportunity to try one. At least, not what is traditionally thought to constitute pickled eggs. I do like the eggs that end up being pickled from making pig’s trotter & ginger soup after a woman has a baby. It’s supposed to help re-nourish her body and strengthen it after childbirth. Either way, it’s rather tasty. Lots of black vinegar and ginger and I’m pretty sure some soy sauce is involved.

Anyhow, once my brain thought of pickled eggs, it immediately jumped to the oh-so-adorably-awesome egg molds I purchased the other day.

…Who wouldn’t think pickled egg cars are cute!?!?

…Or Hello Kitty for that matter…


Oh yea, and in case you hadn’t guessed why I’m up at 145am, I’m in pain and I really, really don’t wanna take drugs tonight.

Tomorrow afternoon is the viewing for Baby C at the crematorium. Blargh.


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