Family Doc catchup.

Saw Family Doc yesterday…

There wasn’t really much to talk about in the scheme of things, yet I still managed to hang around with him for an hour. Odd.

Anyhow, I’m on antibiotics right now. The nasty, gross, phlegmy-ness I’ve had since Las Bacon is still with me. My cough is slowly disappearing now that I am off the Altace, but the phlegm action is still hanging around. It’s nasty.

After discussing our (my) options, we came to the decision that it’s probably a super low-grade infection that my body’s holding onto. It’s not like he’s prescribing me some crazy drugs for the next six months, it’s one round of antibiotics prescribed by Hawt Doc and will most likely do the trick. One pill, three times a day for ten days. The one thing I keep forgetting is that doctors tend to like to prescribe horse-pills for me. Why? I have no idea still. This thing’s huge.

Other than that, Familiy Doc got a hold of my MRI. It’s basically come down to the fact that it was an “unremarkable” scan. So all is good, but at the same time, we still don’t know what causes my deafness or my dizziness. Turns out Sinus Guy had written down on the requisition that he was in search of lesions around the auditory nerve and/or possibility of tumours. Ugh. Things have obviously turned up clean, which is good. I dunno what happens with Sinus Guy after all that.

Going over last month’s ridiculous amount of blood work, which Family Doc was amusingly denying having any hand in ordering the 7 vials drawn, most everything looks happy and normal:

* My cholesterol is still slightly elevated, though lower than my last cholesterol test (yay!) and considering the drugs I am taking, it’s not really a huge concern. Not from Family Doc’s standpoint at least.
* My sugars are normal (yay!) and there’s no signs of diabetes.
* My thyroid is actually something resembling normal (who knew?) and the results have improved some what as well.
* The only thing that’s still being red-flagged, and that’s by Rheumy not so much as Family Doc, is my stupid liver. Family Doc has records of my liver tests from back in 2005 and it appears that ALT levels (and a bunch of others) have been incrementally rising since then. There’s never been a one big monster jump, but the levels aren’t really coming back down. So what does this mean? No idea. But he’s ordered yet more tests just because. I’m booked in to see Rheumy for my regular visit in early September so I guess we’ll have to see what she says. Other than that, Family Doc’s got me in for an abdominal ultrasound around the mid-end of September. I hate ultrasounds. They hurt. For me, at least.

So yea, that about sums up yesterday afternoon from SALLY’s perspective.

As for what I did after my appointment?

I got me some meat pies!

2 Steak & Kidney, 2 Beef, 2 Chicken Pot Pies.

Guess what we’re having for dindin tonight??? :D


2 thoughts on “Family Doc catchup.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Yea I know… I hate it.. the wand in the ribs, that is…
      Our concern is that my liver is failing, which isn’t exactly solved by weight loss.
      Perhaps the removal of SALLY and her friends might cure it, but yea.. Meh.

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