Things to be proud of..

10-14 hour slow cooked pork.

Yesterday I was up at the ass-early hour of 700am… after I had gone to bed at the ungodly hour of 400am. Do the math. It’s all wrong on so many levels.

Three nights before, that would be Wednesday, I took the last pork shoulder out from the freezer and left it in the fridge to defrost in hopes that it would be thawed by Thursday so I could make pulled pork. The Hubbs had run out of his grab-on-the-go pulled pork sandwich lunches from the freezer and it needed to be restocked so he wouldn’t keep buying lunch downtown like he has been since returning to work two weeks ago. Apparently I am a bad wifey the last two weeks by not providing him with proper dinners or lunches.

So I finally got around to getting the pork on yesterday. After the mildly involving prep work of removing the pork skin (so stinky!), I rubbed it all over with the jar of pork rub from last time and attempted to drop the whole thing into my crockpot that already had a little bit of gingerale, 2 small onions and a bunch of smashed garlic in the bottom. It didn’t work too well. This pork shoulder was way larger than the first one so I hacked off a chunk, and continued on as planned for 14 hours of low’n’slow crockpottin’ love. Don’t ask me where that came from.

The small chunk of pork that remained, I seasoned the now exposed cut-side with the rub and then dropped it into its own little wee crockpot of garlic, onions and gingerale. This was last night’s supper. Because the piece was so small it was ready to be eaten about 10 hours later. YUM.

I don’t think I’ve ever enjoyed slow-cooked pork so much as I did last night. As we all know, I’m not a great fan of BBQ sauce. I find it too sweet. It’s tasty in small quantities, but I can’t eat a whole pulled-pork sandwich because of it. So what did we have last night instead? Pork tacos! At least, my bastardized version of it.

We had to hit up the grocery store anyways to pick up buns and coleslaw ingredients for tonight’s dinner, but while we were there, I grabbed flour tortillas (there were no corn tortillas to be had yesterday, I was so upset), some avocado dip (avocados not ripe in the produce section), a jar of hot salsa and a jar of bean and cheese dip.

While definitely not authentic, the makings made for the best soft taco (burrito?) I’ve ever had: flour tortilla, a little bit of green avocado sauce, a dollop of cheesy-beany dip, some shredded pork, a handful of plain brocoli slaw pieces, some salsa and of course a bit of sour cream.


I even had two, if you can imagine that. Pity we were both too ravenous to stop and take pictures. Neither of us had eaten lunch yesterday (I slept all afternoon and The Hubbs distracted himself with the return of WoW.) and these were probably the greatest meal to be had in a long time.

I am so ridiculously proud, can you tell? ^_^


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