Baby blanket progress report

Almost completed.

I ran into a bit of a wall for a week or two after the funeral and had absolutely no desire to work on it. I got my mojo back a couple of days ago when I realized that even though there was no sense of urgency to complete the blanket, not finishing it would be an insult to both Baby C and to Baby E.

So I’ve worked on it for maybe an hour or two a day since about Tuesday or so.

Right at this very moment I am giving my hands a mini break (by typing, go figure. I’m such a dumbass somedays.) as I fight to finish the border.

I’m only doing one round of border stitches because I recall when doing the Expensive Woolly Blanket of Doom that I just had nothing left in me to do more than one and it still looked pretty good with that minor alteration.

Once I’m finished the border, off it goes into the washing machine and dryer and then I’ll clip off the extra dangly bits and it will be ready to be delivered this weekend to Baby E and The Hubbs’ sister and BIL.

I will take pics before delivery, worry not. It’s just a matter of finishing the blanket ^_^


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