Weird babbling about essential oil blends.

It’s amazing what getting out of the house for a few hours and visiting old friends can do for one’s happiness.

Really, it sounds rather obvious, but when you’re home alone all day, you tend to become more and more hermit-like.

Yesterday, I went and spent some time getting some luvin’ with a gift certificate to my old work. I spent a great hour catching up with an old friend, and people that were still working there stopped by to say hi on their way to wherever. Of course, one hour was not one hour, it in the end turned into three and a half hours.

It was great, the girls even gave me 20% off my service and I got to spend the rest of the money on some stinky stuff for me (body lotion and a chakra 7 body mist). The refreshing aromatic body mist can be sprayed on the body throughout the day and used before yoga or mediation to enhance practice.

Reading the little blurb about the 7th Chakra that Aveda provides is surprisingly accurate for me at the moment. As much as I’m not into the whole alternative therapies and beliefs for healing ~me~, I do have an interest in ayurveda purely from an interest point of view.

This is what the blurb says:

This chakra is about connecting to something greater than oneself and expressing wisdom and enlightenment.
* when balanced: one feels strong, unclouded and joy at the wonder of life.
* when imbalanced: one feels loss of self, spiritual abandonment and lack of connection to the universe.
* physical and mental challenges: stress, nervousness, fear and depression.
* traditional name: sahasrara
* colour: violet
* meditative word: wisdom
* chakra aroma blend: angelica, elemi and olibanum
* element: all elements
* lotus petals: 1000 or many-petaled
* relates to: spirituality, peace and connection to higher planes.

It’s interesting stuff when it’s not being rammed down your throat to believe in this stuff so you can flog your wares at work.

Honestly speaking, reading the description of each chakra, I’m borked. Really. Everything in my body is imbalanced and that really shouldn’t surprise me. What did surprise me yesterday while I was hanging out in the Stor (no, that’s not a typo) with a really good friend was the the scent combination I was most drawn to.

Generally speaking, I prefer citrusy scents and the odd time a nice floral, but that’s pretty rare.

So naturally, after reading a brief blurb on each of the blends, I assumed that Chakra 2 might be an option for me given that one of its essential oils is orange, but then it has geranium and sandalwood — two scents of which I highly dislike, it was not the blend for me.
Chakra 3 held some possibilities for me as it had lemon and I don’t mind the smell of lavendar on occassion, but I think the fir balsam just didn’t do it for me.
Chakra 4 had mandarin, a great favourite of mine, but the sandalwood was definitely ixnayed and I have no idea what palmarosa is — it was actually going to be the one I bought in the end had I not taken a chance on 7, though.
Chakra 5 contained grapefruit, rosemary and ylang ylang — again, I have a hate on for ylang ylang and most of those commonly associated “hippie scents”. They make me gag.
Chakra 6 contained petit grain, orange and the dreaded geranium — which btw, if I remember correctly, geranium is good for ‘female issues’ that involve the monthly discomforts.
Chakra 1 contained vetiver, patcholi and olibanum — just upon reading those names, there’s nothing there that would be to my liking, so it was an automatic ick.
Chakra 7 contained angelica, elemi and olibanum — Honestly, other than the olibanum, I know not what the other two scents are, but my friend had said early on that #7 was the least liked by most people and so I had avoided smelling it until the absolute end when I was just about to purchase #4 out of desperation to buy something smelly. I’m glad I did. I found it to be the least offensive of all the oil combinations.

I know the protocal for buying Aveda stuff requires that you not know what you’re smelling in advance. You just take a whiff of each blend and give a yay or nay to the selection in front of you. This way you have no preconceived notion of what it is you’re about to smell and your body’s needs can speak for you as opposed to your brain’s preferences giving all the commands. I did do this originally and found nothing to my liking (whilst skipping over #7). So we went back a second time at smelling everything with the knowledge of each blend’s composition and still found that #4 was the least offensive of them all, still skipping over #7. Finally I decided that if I was gonna be spending so much money on a smelly body spray, I’d better damn well like it, so I gave #7 a whiff and found it to be a rather okay blend for me. I was surprised and so was my gf.

Anyhow, you can read into this whole entry however you want.

If anything, what you should’ve gotten out of the blathering is that I have interests in alternative therapies for the sake of information; I have ZERO interest in alternative therapies on the basis that it will HEAL me.

…Now if only my mother would get that.


2 thoughts on “Weird babbling about essential oil blends.

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      To be honest, I imagine most everywhere is scent-free, nowadays.
      I think it’s probably meant more if you’re doing it at home on your own.

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