Word of the Day: Spiffy

So, I didn’t write anything yesterday after having seen Family Doc on Wednesday.

A) I was tired.
B) I was just tired.

Really, there is no other explanation. The past week has been royally crap and with the Imuran officially settling into my system I have no desire to really think or do anything even remotely productive… not that blogging can be construed as constructive to most, I imagine. Yesterday was just full of me being in a funk and so I spent the day and evening in bed hooked up to my MP3 player and doing a little youtube surfing.


UHmmm… Right, Family Doc.

He’s obviously not seen me since prior to my visit to see Rheumy and I guess I was a little tired looking so we talked about the going back onto the imuran and whether or not I was okay with it. Without wanting to put words into my mouth, he basically gave me his thoughts on why it was probably a good idea to be back on the drugs. I am truly better on them than off them. Sally is less likely to rear her ugly head and it reduces the chances I will make a return visit and stay to the hospital. Or, to use a friend’s euphemism from when I still worked in the spa and she spent more time than she cared in such a facility due to her leukemia: “The Hotel”. Let’s hope it never gets to that point with me where I spend more than only a few days there.

Other than the imuran discussion and my ridculous amounts of tired, I brought up the topic that the last few appointments I’ve had with Rheumy, she has been questioning my taking the Hydromorph and Dilaudid on a regular basis and seems less than pleased. Family Doc at that point stopped what he was doing (filling out a renewal for my now permanent blue handicap placard as opposed the temporary red one I’ve had for the last couple of years) and looked me straight in the eye and said, “Rheumy doesn’t have your pain. I really don’t care if she thinks I’m too liberal with prescribing you the morphine, but the truth of the matter is she doesn’t have your pain and I would much rather have you taking the drugs and sleeping than being in constant pain and not sleeping.”

You have no idea how much mental relief I get just from him telling me that he’s totally on my side of the playing field and wants me to be able to function as normal as normal will let me. Without going into great amounts of gushing, Family Doc has probably been the most amazing doctor I’ve ever had. This of course doesn’t take into account the awesomeness of the rest of my doctors like Sinus Guy (with his awesome quirky sense of humour), Infectious Diseases Guy (from way back, who I no longer see but he was no less amazingly awesome intellectually), Hawt Doc (who obviously has his own awesome hawtness category), etc etc but Family Doc is just another level of awesome. He’s so laid back and easy to talk to and he truly cares to take the time to sort things through no matter how long it takes and how many tries it might warrant. It also helps that he’s a once-been Montreal boy when he was going to McGill for medical school and can appreciate a smoked meat sammich ;) I am so ridiculously thankful to have him around there’s no possible way to explain it unless you’ve been in the same position.

This wasn’t originally going to be a spiel about Family Doc’s qualifications, but I guess it was bound to happen at some point.

Anyhow, I had to ask him, at what point should I consider increasing my baseline Hydromorph because I’ve been feeling so crappy over the last few weeks because I really truly don’t know. I don’t really want to take an increased dose of the H-morph, but it makes more sense to up the baseline as opposed to reduce the efficacy of the Dilaudid by taking more and more of it on a regular basis just to stop the pain. We came to a rough formula but since there’s still the newness of the imuran in my system to contend with, I should wait a little longer before making the firm decision. In the meantime, play with the extra 3mg as needed. There was a little confusion at first as to why I was asking him to write a refill for both 6mg & 3mg of H-morph since my current doseage is 12mg until I backtracked to the point that I was originally taking 9mg total of the h-morph. That settled everything perfectly fine for him.

As a side conversation to the h-morph/dilaudid/ativan conversation, I mentioned that I had this hivey thing that drove me batty a few weeks ago and I ended up taking benedryl that just knocked me senseless, but I slept pretty great from it. At that he said, “You realize that if you want, you could just take benedryl or gravol some nights if you don’t want to be taking the Ativan. It’s the same stuff that they put in the over the counter drugs like tylenol pm and stuff. In fact, play with it that way we don’t get your body accustomed to the Ativan.” I kind of gave him this blank stare and then a lightbulb kind of went off in my head. So yea, that’s what I’m doing right now. I”ve got dilaudid and benedryl in my system and I’m waiting to pass out.

Other than that, I just let him know that Mom’s put me back onto another potion specifically to “cure me”. We started it last Sunday but she’s had the ingredients to make it since coming back from Montreal. While she & dad were visiting back in the summer they made a stop to see the herbalist in Chinatown and he prescribed another potion variant. This stuff is foul. Like OMG I can’t believe nasty. It’s black like cigarette smoke, it smells like cigarette smoke and it fucking tastes like it too. Family Doc is okay with me taking whatever as long as A) I’m seeing him regularly and I tell him when I end up taking weird shit and B) I’m doing regular bloodwork so we can keep a close eye on my liver and kidneys.

So the whole word of the day thing? Family Doc takes great pleasure in the conversational tangeants we take everytime I see him. Apparently the word ‘spiffy’ had fallen out of his regular vocabulary and I had used it in reference to something at the end of our appointment. He got this huge grin on his face and went, “SPIFFY! I haven’t heard that word in forever! I’m so going to say that to my kids tonight and see what happens!”

I just warned him that the word spiffy couldn’t be used indiscriminantly. Like with patients. He was quite adament that he was going to use it with all his patients just to see their reactions as well. He’s an awesome guy ^_^


2 thoughts on “Word of the Day: Spiffy

  1. I’m so glad I don’t have to get on a plane and come and kick your doctor’s butt…*hug*
    Also, from firsthand experience with my own awesome doctor, I know how wonderful it is for someone to look at you and say…I understand how you feel.
    I hope your various drugs help…Canada is always, always pulling for you. *hug*
    I don’t think I ever answered your bacon cake question! I’m not a bacontarian (Hee!) :) but I like the smell of bacon…and sometimes I also tend to answer meaty recipe posts from folks with “YUM!” if they sound like they’d be good, even if they’re not the kind of thing I’d eat. I can’t have flour/barley/rye either (Celiac) and I end up approaching bread/cake/cookie recipes the same.
    After my p.s., now I’m hungry!!! :D

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