I dunno if I can do this…

Today was an incredibly fantastic day on so many levels:

1) Did a final day (as far as I know) of pickling with the girls — 16 x 500ml jars of pickled beets fresh from another friend’s family garden. This year’s been so crappy for farmers all over the province that any produce that managed to grow was pretty stunted. Our beets are ridiculously tiny and adorable. Makes for easy canning, but as someone found out today, doesn’t make it any easier to peel. And as always Miss R is fantastically generous in opening up her kitchen to us mess makers.

2) I HAZ A SACKBOY!! OMG OMG OMG OMG! Okay that’s enough of that. I will post a pic of my adorable boy as soon as I get the energy and proper lighting to do him justice. Some friends are just beyond awesome. SRSLY. He’s handmade, got the cutest quirky smile and he even sports a couple of adorable felted flowers on pipe cleaner. ^_^

3) I felt pretty darn good all day. I got up early (830am!) and The Hubbs and I made a quick breakfast stop at A&W before showing up for our 1000am pickling & gaming session. The pickling for me and the gaming for him, obviously. It was kinda nice to have boys & girls altogether in the same house even though there were two separate events involved.

And that leaves us with now…

I feel blargh again. Like so blargh. My head hurts, I feel gunky & sore all over and I just feel so exhausted & run down.

We came home and I crashed hard. I took a hot bath and I just passed right out until about 630pm.

I am just feeling blarghity blargh blargh and for the last two nights I’ve had a whopping amount of steroids in hopes that it would kick whatever’s bugging me, but no go. It’s not helping… though it’s probably helping my sleep, now that I think about it.


It was such a good day, too.

[Edit: And oh crap, my eyesite has suddenly gone wonky — everything’s kinda… shifting and wont hold still even though I’m trying to focus my gaze on one spot. Craptastic. 1017pm]


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