I think I’ve made my decision…

I think I’ve decided to join in the fray and play with everyone on Saturday.

D&D, that is.

Saturday will be the first day of the new campaign and I’ve been invited, I now just have to get The Hubbs to help me make a character. Baby Bro came over tonight to spend some quality time with me (“600” and dinner, anyone?) and then we had a quick chat about me playing right before he left.

He thinks I should play. The Hubbs would like for me to play and I think I would like to play too… or at least, have a reason to get out of the house now and then to socialize with others.That alone for some reason is terrifying me. Like I said a few weeks back, I don’t think I play well with others and the last time I even ventured into the D&D world, I was probably 17 at most.

If nothing else, it will probably please The Hubbs to bits.

Cross your fingers I don’t humiliate myself doing something I will basically classify as almost never having done before.


5 thoughts on “I think I’ve made my decision…

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Hehehe. That would work if:
      A) The DM was single
      B) The DM’s wife wasn’t playing
      C) The DM’s wife’s brothers weren’t playing
      Besides, I quite like the company I’ll be keeping on saturday. It’ll be interesting. I just have to figure out how to make my character properly now.

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