o/~ Jingle bells, jingle bells, jingle all the way…~\o

I have the weirdest feeling for wanting Christmas right now o_O;

The idea of Christmas sounds alright at the moment for some reason.

I’ve been relatively anti-christmasy-feeling the last few years so it rather took me by surprise last night lying in bed.

I wanna have the tree up, cookies baking and lots of cakes, tons of lights and decorations around the house and… yeah.

I really don’t know what posessed me to want this whole riggamarole, before Halloween even, but I have a standing rule of No Christmas until December 01.

Or at the earliest: After my birthday.

I’m assuming part of the Christmasy desire right now is stemming from the ridiculous amounts of snow we had fall last week and even though it’s all melted, it’s still feeling cold and brisk like winter outside — kind of like it is in December.

I guess I will just have to drag out my Nigella Christmas cookbook, all my old Christmas magazines and just contemplate it for another month and a half before we can begin to drag stuff out of the basement.

I might even get the ambition to make cookie boxes again this year. Imagine that!

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