Now I am even more mopey.

I saw Kidney Guy today… what the hell is it with all my doctors suddenly questioning my pain and drug useage? He asked me all sorts of questions which have never been raised before, poked me and prodded me all over and did a more thorough check-up on me than I’ve ever had done by him before.

I’ve been having pain for like the last 3 years and only now they’re thinking it’s a problem because I’m taking all sorts of crap for it?

My mother had a brilliant reply to that question when I said it in the car on the way home which just made me more bitter and angry with her, ”Maybe they thought you were faking it.” >_< It’s more like MY MOTHER thinks I’m faking it. *snuffles*

Kidney Guy says that from a renal standpoint, everything's great. No protein or blood happening, white blood cell count is fantastic given I'm on an immunosuppressant and everything's pretty clean looking. He does however, like everyone else, have issues with what's going on with my liver. He was the first to broach the subject of if I've seen a liver specialist yet. The answer is no, but GI Guy is looking into it a little bit more as did Family Doc over the summer with extra bloodwork and that ultrasound. That satisfied him for the time being.

In the meanwhile, he is sending a note off to Family Doc for my appointment next week to discuss the idea of being put on a certain class of anti-depressant drugs to help with regulating my sleep and possibly the pain as well. He did make it clear that he does not think I'm depressed, it just so happens that it's an anti-depressant that helps with muscle and nerve pain that Lupus & Scleroderma patients have. He's a little leary of being the one to add another drug willy nilly to my current cocktail because he's of the opinion that I am actually rather sensitive to a lot of stuff. So he'll leave it to the discression of Family Doc next week.

Now I'm just bitter and upset about everything.

I can't do anything about anything and it's making me more sad.


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