Danger, Will Robinson! DANGER!!


I’m obviously eating because I am feeling stressed and lonesome and poopy. I wanted something warm, sweet and squidgy.


The gyst of it is bread pudding but made with Mom’s leftover spongecake and an obscenely large amount of nutella spread between the slices before custard is poured over top and baked until squidgy. (250ml hot milk, 1 egg, heaping tablespoon of brown sugar. Bake for 20 minutes at 350F)

The spongecake is perfectly custardy with the odd golden crispy-topped bit and the chocolate has that ridiculously addictive roasted hazelnut flavour that comes out in full force when heated. Where the nutella has been blistered, it also has a slight caramel-under-the-tooth texture, if that makes sense.


So wrong, yet so right, on so many levels.

Only change I would make: add a little cinnamon to the custard, otherwise it’s perfect as is.


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