Not the way things were supposed to happen…

I’m at Mom & Dad’s.

I have no idea how long I’ll be here for, but probably at least til Wednesday when I get tired of being in my jammies all day tomorrow and I run out of clean underwear.

The Hubbs has The Plague(tm) now and he was feeling generous, so gave me some of his cough.

In reality: He started hacking up a lung around Saturday and has subsequently spread his “love-bug” around the house. He’s going to be making a visit to see Family Doc tomorrow morning and MIL is taking him… I hear we’re going to have a snowstorm tomorrow to boot. Thank god it’s not me driving. I have my regular monthly appointment with him on Wednesday so The Hubbs has plans on giving the heads up as to how I’m doing.

So having said all that, I called up Mom this afternoon and told her that I think I’m getting The Hubbs’ thing. I feel like crud, I’m exhausted (though possibly the exhaustion is from the ridiculous amount of blood they drew at the lab again today: 6 vials!) and now I’m coughing which makes my chest hurt, my throat feels all bleedy when I do cough and occassionally I will bring up a load of Filthy McNasty Grossness. I couldn’t decide if I should just stick it out at home alone (The Hubbs is totally laid up in bed with the kitties, cold meds, cough syrups and vit.C) or if I should come over and infect their place for a few days.

So my parents came over and kidnapped me with the Piggy for a few days.

The Hubbs is super lonely now. He has the kitties, but he’s just been feeling miserable and hard done by. We’ve been sleeping in separate beds for a few months now and usually I’d hang out in bed watching tv with him until it was time for him to sleep before I retired to the spare room, but the last few days I’ve altogether stayed as far away from him as possible and he’s feeling super unhappy about it all.

It’s kinda nice being here. It’s even more lonely now than before when I was at home avoiding The Hubbs, but at the same time it’s kina nice. I’m in the spare room, sleeping on my old bed with some extra cushioning on top, the old snake pillow that belonged to Baby Bro, four of my own pillows that I lugged over here and lots of blankets. Baby Bro is away on business, so my parents seem kinda glad to have someone to take care of for a bit and some extra company. I’ve not done a lot other than nap and snack — hot honey water, lots of rice porridge made with dried scallops and a chunk of pork and dressed with black eggs and a guzzle of fish sauce. Easy to digest and warm on the tummy.

My parents are funny.

Earlier this evening, I was in bed and Mom came in to check on me. There’s all sorts of stuff hanging out in this room that’s been squirrelled away for one reason or other and I asked her a question about some weird herbally soup-ingredient stuffs that was just sitting in a box and she sat down on the floor and we started talking about it. Then Dad came wandering around looking for her and decided he was lonely in the family room all by himself and so came to sit and chat (aka “bonding”) with us too. Then Mom got all pervy.

She didn’t really, it just looks dirty. She decided that Dad’s lap was a good place to lie her head cuz she was falling asleep, but then she started doing these things called “pelvic tilts” on the floor, basically some weird dirty looking excercise she does for her low back when it’s sore. It was just really wrong cuz you can guess which part of her she had facing my direction. I kept hitting her with my bandana to make her stop and even Dad said she was being gross.

So yea, after that whole episode we had snackies and now I’m ready to try and sleep again.

Hopefully The Hubbs gets better soon and airs the house out so I can come back home.

It’s nice being able to come back home when I need to, but it’s kind of sad at the same time being away from home, away from The Hubbs and away from the Kitties.


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