Happy Halloween!

Mom bought one box of candy last night when she picked me up a bottle of cough syrup. We’re kind of hoping there won’t be that many kids in their neighbourhood so then we can have a whole box of mini aero, coffee crisp, kitkat & smarties to ourselves. I think she may actually counting on ‘hamthrax’ to keep the kids away this year.

I’m jealous of all of you partakers of Kiddy-Treating Fun.

I miss decorating our place up for the kids. *sigh*


Looks like I’m staying at Mom & Dad’s until I am well and truly finished with the Tamiflu.

I’ll be making a pitstop at home on Monday whilst The Hubbs is at work to refill my meds and drop off some laundry (and say hi to the Kitties), but otherwise, I am plonking myself here until the drugs are finished.


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