Am home…

Earlier than anticipated because of two days worth of pain, but still home nonetheless.

My parents house being so frigid and their tub being so tiny (I am teh spoiled with our tub) made for a rather harsh last couple of days in the coping-with-pain department. So much so that I just got mom to bring me back home, flu bug or no flu bug.

I am actually feeling alright today, the coughing has subsided for the most part as of yesterday and I am back with the Kitties.

The Hubbs is back at work this morning and he even sounded pretty good when I spoke to him yesterday – I didn’t actually see him much when I got home. I basically crawled into the tub, drugged up then crawled myself into bed. When I woke up, I went back to mom & dad’s for dindin and then stayed to watch a few episodes of this Korean soap that we started on the weekend called 1st Shop of Coffee Prince. It’s a cute story, but oh my the episodes are long.

It was actually kind of upsetting coming home, in a weird sort of way. Dad seemed kina sad when he was packing up all my stuff in the car. He was a lot happier when I went back for dindin and spent a couple of hours of soap-watching with him though. I’m going to see if I can get The Hubbs to drop me off at my parents place again on his way to work on Tuesday… MIL apparently taking it upon herself on Tuesday to come over and clean our place ¬_¬ I dun wanna be here when that happens. I would much rather be at mom & dad’s for the day.

I noticed something… I’m glad to be home, but it’s rather lonesome.

I miss knowing mom & dad are just puttering around the house even if I’m just hanging out in my own room reading or napping or whatever.

Seems like I’m having to re-experience the whole home alone thing from when I stopped working. Bummer.


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