Yanno… I’m getting really, really annoyed.

My stomach is freaking out and I am so not impressed by any stretch of the imagination — first the not sleeping thing, now this.

I dunno what the hell is up but my stomach is freaking out again everytime I eat. Going wheat-free again isn’t helping and really the only thing that I have found non-irritating to my tum is JALAPENO PEPPERS.

Seriously. WTF??

Sunday night when we went out for nachos I ate the whole freaking plate of jalapenos. Every single last one of them and surprisingly, a good proportion of the nachos with all the salsa. For one, I can never eat that much to begin with and secondly, jalapenos and salsa? Really? GUH.

We tried to get my stomach to calm down while we were at Mom & Dad’s for dindin with a few mouthfuls of whatever spicy preserved chillies Dad had living in the fridge. It helped some for a short amount of time but it didn’t do nearly as fantastically as the jalapenos.

I just had another snack in hopes of getting the stomach pains to stop and I had a couple handfuls of tortilla chips with salsa. So far: not much of a peep from my stomach.

I’m just getting so tired of this shit and am especially upset by it because this weekend we’re going out for my birthday dindin and I really don’t want to be spending the end of the evening in the bathroom saying hi to my dinner a second time.



3 thoughts on “GAH!!

  1. interesting…only because the first thing I was thinking about the jalapenos and salsa wasn’t that they were spicy, but because they were acidic since we’re talking tomatoes and vinegar, both of which sit slightly lower ph since they’re mildly acidic.
    I’m no gastrointerologist, but I remember a conversation with one of my nursing friends where there’s a form of digestive distress that’s basically the opposite of heartburn where there’s excessive stomach acid, and the stomach is not acidic enough (or if you would, too base), typically onset from either consuming too many antacids or some chronic condition where you’re not producing enough stomach acid
    If I’m right, the jalapenos and tomatoes basically brought your stomach back to nominal levels to aid digestion and relieve some of the distress you’re feeling, so I’d say you might want to try an experiment of eating lower ph foods like pickled stuff or stuff with citric acid. Again, this is just my opinion, but either way I hope you can find an answer soon, I know you dig quality foods as much as I do!

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      OH! I didn’t even realize you had replied to this entry.. for some reason I don’t get any notifications when you post stuff. Weird.
      Anyhow, what you’re saying is actually pretty much what The Hubbs and I had deduced ourselves. Family Doc was in agreement with thought processes. Unfortunately, even though getting off of the three meds I’m taking for GI issues would practically solve the stomach pain with eating, it’s a complete no-go because then the return of “normal” stomach acids would completely destroy my esophagus because of the inability for the lower esophageal sphincter to close on its own due to Sally. (Currently, he biggest worry of my docs is that I aspirate stomach acids into my already damaged lungs when I sleep. Can you say pain?)
      I did try eating more acidic foods and it helped, but only temporarily. We’ve found that it’s specifically ~spicy~ that makes my tummy happy. So basically, I’m stuck eating jars of jalapenos with my meals or making good use of the bottle of habanero hot sauce a gf brought back for me from her trip to Mexico. ^_^

      1. that sorta makes sense too, since your stomach is being irritated (oddly enough) it’s response is to make more acid. Good to know we were all on the right track, but I’m sorry you’ve gotta deal with this much stuff, that really blows :-(

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