So much stuff to talk about…

The weekend was fantastic.

I spent it reveling in how incredibly awesome my friends are.

Every single one of them including those that aren’t even in Calgary.

Saturday was a little sketchy to begin with because I woke up early after drugging up Friday night and drove myself bright and early to one of the H1N1 vaccination clinics so I could get stabbed. I was hugely impressed (and relieved) to find there was practically no waiting time when I arrived. I got to the mall, lined up with the others, got handed a clipboard to fill out and found that the people in front of me had already dispersed to get their shots. No wait whatsoever beyond the 15 minutes post-injection just for safety’s sake to see that I didn’t get an allergic reaction.

Of course, the rest of the day was spent sleeping off the meds from the night before and trying to ignore the lumpy pain in my left arm where the injection was. The hamthrax vaccination actually makes my arm hurt way more than the seasonal one did. People I spoke to said the same thing. I wonder why that is.

Saturday evening was, of course, my birthday dindin with everyone and we went to Calypso’s Greek Taverna. My original plans for going to The British Chippy was changed because I realized, after the fact, that going to a restaurant with 12 people, to a small restaurant that takes no reservations and is a first-come first-served establishment, probably wouldn’t work so well if we wanted to get everyone seated and eating together. Funny enough, awhile back when I was thinking about my birthday (but birthday plans hadn’t been discussed, then I promptly discarded the idea of getting people together) Greek Taverna was where I wanted to go. Apparently, it was meant to be.

I had a great evening, though the food was not quite up to what we normally expect from CGT. Kind of on the bland side, to my and The Hubbs’ disappointment with his rack of lamb and my chunk of roast suckling pig. The pork was wonderfully tender and moist, just bland.

The end of dinner came with a bit of surprise — a whole round of ouzo for the table to celebrate my birthday, on the house. I got a creme brulee in place of the ouzo. Great surprise and made the night pretty special for me ^_^

My loot this year was rather mind boggling again — the mass of awesomeness from Biggie in LA, a new knitted hat & LUSH gc, 2 silpat baking mats, a Chapter’s gift card and a hand-painted D&D Mini! :D

I’ve already spent my Lush card on my annual run and for some reason I’m rather tempted to go and buy more.

Right now, I’m in posession of Little Big Planet for PSP. I am slightly disappointed because I’ve been anticipating a LBP PSP bundle all year and only now found out that it’s available to the UK and Hong Kong :( That means that I’m debating on whether to keep it (play on The Hubbs’ PSP), buy the bundle online, or buy a Hannah Montana/Other bundled set (ew).


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