Just got a call from Research Study Nurse…


Seriously. Wow.

I have an insane week coming up the week of November 30th.

I can’t believe this, but time has just flown by and I am 2 weeks away from officially participating in the PAH study. I didn’t think December would get here so quickly, but it has.

Dec 01 @ 100pm — visit with The Study’s Rheumatologist and do an “interview” with them.
Dec 02 @ 900am — do PFTs, do the requisitioned bloodwork I got in the mail + extra stuff I was just informed of o_O;;
Dec 03 @ 800am — get an ECHO and then hang out in the Research Clinic until my RHC with Hawt Doc. o_O;;;;;;

I knew in advance that there was going to be a lot of extra stuff associated with this study that I’d have to do before the actual RHC, but seeing it written down on paper seems rather daunting. There’s no great stress on my part in the early stuff (other than not sleeping), but we all know I am not a morning person.

…This will be interesting….


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