I got dino-zaurs for my birthday!!

If you look really closely you can see dinosaur tracks between each of the dinos.


In other news: The PSN Store is so not cheap, which is totally what the Apple’s App Store has going for it.

Cheap and easy instant gratifications.

Admittedly, as was pointed out to me, “The Apple store isn’t that cheap, it’s just you’re paying for songs and apps, not full psp games.”

To which I countered with, “That’s true, but the stuff I choose to download tends to be cheap (most often the 99c-$2 range) or free. That and I don’t have much interest in current popular music, so I don’t download songs, especially singular songs. I’m more apt to buying a whole album on CD and ripping it.”

So far with my new birthday prezzie, I’ve managed to spend just under forty bucks after taxes: Beats, Lemmings & Sega Genesis Collection.

Tonight, to my knowledge, there are no plans. The Hubbs is gonna see if he can get all my music properly loaded on and I guess I’ll be playing Sackboy on his PSP while he does so.


4 thoughts on “Raaaaaaaaawwwwwwwrrrrrrr!!!

      1. TeaseMeGirl

        According to the Bed Bath & Beyond website, the dinos are $25 and if I remember correctly, I think the bugs (way back when) were something like $35 at Williams Sonoma. The bugs are huge compared to the dinos ^^;

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