I’m obviously not asleep…

Sooo… it’s getting to be about that time.

Next week I’ll be spending three days, back and forth, at the hospital participating in that PAH study I mentioned a few months back. Somehow time just flew right by. I shouldn’t be surprised, but it did come up on me faster than I anticipated.

Am I worried? Not terribly. My parents still aren’t thrilled, particularly Mom, but there’s nothing that I can say that would really make anyone understand.

Mom made rather silly comment on Monday when I was over for breakfast after my monthly lab work, “Do you really want to be a guinea pig?”

My reply to that was, “I’ve been a guinea pig since the day I was born. That’s a rather silly question, don’t you think?”

It took her awhile to digest that comment and I’m pretty sure Dad knew what I was getting at.

So tomorrow (today) is a very belated monthly visit to see Family Doc. There’s a ton I wanna have him fix, but I know the likelihood of any of it panning out is prolly nil. Pain issues need some serious addressing, insurance papers need to be returned and hopefully have been filled out, eating issues are frustrating me to death, my lungs are all crackly at night and of course there’s always discussion about next week.

The upside of tomorrow (not that I’ve noticed there ever being a downside to seeing Family Doc) is that we’re headed to Banff for Pasta Buffet night at the Rimrock Hotel with friends. I can’t believe we’ve been going without fail every year for the last…. Oh God, I don’t even know how many years it’s been anymore. It’s just that awesome. The annual “let’s see who can garlic themselves out first” is always great fun. The only disappointment is that I can’t eat as much as I’d like. Puking will probably be inevitable. *sigh*

Next week will be rather hellish:

* Tuesday is the interview with the Rheumatologist
* Wednesday is PFTs + Bloodwork (and more bloodwork on top of THAT bloodwork) and Chest X-rays(?)
* Thursday is ultrasound and then I hang around twiddling my thumbs until the actual procedure is done, which I’m told is scheduled around noon.

Lots of toys will be brought on Thursday to keep The Hubbs entertained (distracted?) during the whole period we’re there.

So yea, that’s the lowdown for the next week.

(Total unrelated side thought: We put up our brand spankin’ new Christmas lights up on the pillar outside the front door on the weekend. They’re awesome. They’re either going to cause someone to have a seizure OR it’ll encourage martians to stop by and say hi with all the insane blinkiness. Srsly.)


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