Now that the fun stuff’s out of the way…

I suppose I should talk about my visit to see Family Doc.

It would appear that the issues I acquired whilst in Las Bacon this year has lingered in my system long enough to prompt Family Doc to do some extra testing just to make sure nothing crazy is going on. He is of the opinion that he doesn’t want us to get to a point where we let things slide just because we can’t figure out what’s going on. The whole thing with me constantly coughing up nasties even though we’ve done two rounds of antibiotics, plus a round of tamiflu, has made it that come January, I will be subjecting myself to another barium swallow. Weee. He’s worried that the gunkies paired with my lung crunchies when breathing at night might be caused by the acids in my stomach coming up to say hi in all the wrong places. There’s no guarantee anything will be found, as usual, but at least we’re not leaving things to chance if we just sit around for another six months.

The only other thing to note is my pain issues. Kidney Guy did in fact write to Family Doc and he sent along his recommendations as to how we might consider going about trying to treat my pain. Apparently being prescribed tricyclic antidepressants is an old skool school method of treating patients with chronic pain. When Familiy Doc says “old school”, he doesn’t see it as being a bad thing, he just finds that doctors of a certain age tend to go that route. He even asked me how old Kidney Guy was and I would have to say that between him, Hawt Doc & Family Doc, they’re all probably in the their early-mid 40’s.

The thing that Family Doc found most surprising was Kidney Guy’s rather aggressive treatment recommendation: 25-50mg/day. I think because of the increased amount of pain meds I’m taking lately, Kidney Guy probably deemed a higher doseage more effective to reduce the frequency of my useage. Wow. That sentence alone makes me sound like an addict. Taking into consideration how my body tends to react to new drugs and Family Doc’s experience with the treatment with other patients, he recommended that we start at a low dose (10mg) for the next four weeks and then we’ll go from there, as opposed to straight off the bat going for the sledge hammer doseage that would knock out a horse. I am a-okay with whatever he thinks is best.

This whole pain thing has been increasing in severity and freqency over the last two to three months and has been making me absolutely mental at night. According to The Hubbs, I get myself into such a stressed out tizzy from trying to avoid the pain meds that it’s just not making things any better for me. Family Doc is doing everything he possibly can to keep me comfortable and get me to sleep, but it doesn’t help matters and won’t do any good if I’m avoiding the treatment that’s supposed to make things tolerable. The drugs are by all means a huge double-edged sword and we’re trying to find suitable remedy that both keeps me comfortable, but doesn’t stress me out because I have to take it. Hopefully this antidepressant combo with the long acting stuff will work. I just have to have patience if it doesn’t do anything for the first month.

I’ve said this before and I will certainly say it again — It’s such a relief having a doctor willing to do whatever it takes to get things working as best as possible for me. Family Doc has also reiterated to me that he quite enjoys having me as a patient. As puzzling as I am from a medical standpoint, he looks forward to seeing me once a month and talking about what’s going on. He also enjoys the fact that our relationship has developed in such a way that even though things are crappy, we can laugh at a lot of the things that are confounding. The jalapeno antidote totally confuses him, yet makes him laugh every single time.

Keep your fingers crossed that we may have found some relief.


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