Pasta hangover is totally worth it

Last night was a blast.

Up until this point, I don’t think I’ve actually posted pics of what the dinner looks like. I keep forgetting to take pictures of the hotel itself — At this time of year, they have the whole place decked out in Christmas gear and they always have at least two kid-sized gingerbread houses you can go inside and have your picture taken. Maybe I’ll remember next year.

This year, the place was jammed packed. In past years the restaurant was at most half full when we’ve dined, so this was ultimately a huge surprise.

New to this year’s lineup was a salad bar chef station. Similar to the pasta bar, but with salad. I’m told the offerings there were pretty darn good — 3 kinds of greens, choice of dressings, lots of cold stuff like meats & cheeses, cukes, tomatoes, olives and red peppers plus hot’n’fresh cooked mushrooms and bacon to order.

The antipasti selection was fantastic as always, though smaller than I recall in past years but this could be because they split everything up into separate stations — lots of thinly sliced grilled veggies (eggplant is always my fave), smoked salmon, mussels and calamari.

The cold salad bar had four offerings, if I remember correctly — chickpea salad, a weird looking shredded carrot-looking salad, potato salad and artichoke salad.

There was also a cheese board, a deli meat platter (I could call it a charcuterie tray, but it wasn’t THAT fancy), and a huge table of bread choices.

The Pasta buffet Chef station where you chose what ingredients you wanted had its traditional offerings — chicken, sausage, mushrooms, onions, tomatoes, shrimp, scallops, mussels, mixed veg, fresh salmon. The pasta choices were only linguine, penne, rotini this year and the sauces were the traditional red, white, rose, pesto, garlic, oil. The Chef makes it right in front of you fresh, fresh, fresh!

As much as I’d like to say I enjoyed the dessert bar, I hear it wasn’t as fantastic as past years. The spread was still huge, presentation was impressive, but somehow there was something not quite on the mark in a lot of the offerings. From what I can make out of The Hubbs’ picture taking, the choices this year were: Fresh fruit salad, orange tiramisu, berry pie, chocolate brownies, cheesecake, carrot cake squares, white chocolate panna cotta, tahitian vanilla bean creme caramel, chocolate & caramel mousse flutes, dark chocolate banana truffle cake, creme chantilly, strawberry coulis, strawberry mango trifle, exotic fruit mousse martini, chocolate fountain, pecan pie, individual berry mousse, date squares, plum terrine, creme brulee, warm apricot butter croissant pudding with [insert name] sauce.

Is it worth the carbo-loaded hangover the next day? As far as the pictures below, show absolutely!

The Hubbs’ Pasta

My Pasta


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