Day 2 of 3

I feel drained of blood and rather at a loss for breath.

Did the full PFT work-up and then had 10(!!) vials of blood drawn, of which, one was chucked in the garbage because the dumb-headed (and not at all pleasant) tech didn’t fill the tube up enough.

If I’m having that much blood drawn, that extra vial does actually make a difference as to how I feel afterwards, I don’t have enough to spare! :P~

OH! So after my 10 vials of blood, I got to take one back with me from the lab to the research office. So I’m walking around the hallways at the hospital with a tube of blood in my hand… it was all covered up and in a baggie, but still.. it was warm and kina creepy. ^_^

Of curious note — When we left the hospital, I had my parking ticket stamped so I wouldn’t have to pay. When we got to the pay station, the guy behind the glass looks at our ticket and starts bombarding us with questions as to why everyone who’s been to see him this morning had a “02” stamped on their tickets and no one was paying. He was rather irked. I just told him that there was a clinical study going on and they were paying for all transportation costs. Thinking about it in hindsight, he kept looking at the ticket funny yesterday afternoon, too. Not that he’d remember me. He’ll be even more thrilled when we go back again tomorow for the final time.

Anyhow, as boobie prize for spending the morning being subjected to tests, I went for breakky at Denny’s afterwards.

One more day, most of it will be anxiety-ridden, I’m sure.

Time for sleep.

2 thoughts on “Day 2 of 3

  1. Damn, damn, damn…I have your little box of treats almost ready to go but it’s missing something. I should’ve gotten off my butt and had it in the mail to you in time to make you smile during these rough few days!!! I’m home today but I’ll put the finishing touches on it tomorrow and get it out to you.
    *big big big hugs* from out east!!! <3

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Awww no worries! Things sound more disturbing than they really are, so it’s not all bad ^_^ (But I will say that lab tech was a complete numbskull… I wanted to bonk her on the head.)

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