Do I wanna attend a Scleroderma Support Group Christmas Party?

I mean, really.

It’s a support group for a bunch of people who are, on average, I would say in 45+ age. Because guess what? SALLY tends to attack in around that age bracket. And thusfar, from what I’ve noticed, the people that actually vocalize things in the mailing list happen to be 55+ years of age or older. I know the one guy that sends out weekly “cheer you up!” emails is 70 ¬_¬

I would not in any way, shape or form be comfortable. It’s rather depressing.

Besides, I suppose there wouldn’t be much point in going… I’d just barf everything up anyhow. *sigh*

Somehow I seem to be a minority even in my diseases… I wonder what the Calgary PAH support group is like…. :P


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