Doctors’ Appointments 2 & 3 of 3

Blargh… I am so done with Doctors appointments.

Yesterday wasn’t actually all that bad — it was actually a non-doctor’s appointment, if there ever was such a thing. Went to the Eye Doctor’s and did some weird test that I think is supposed to test my peripheral vision or something. Basically we did some baseline testing and I was done. In six months time, I’ll get a little post-card in the mail saying it’s time for me to go in for a follow-up. Nothing exciting.

Today was appointment to see Rheumy. Like I texted to a couple of people: Why do I always feel so depressed after seeing her? One answer was because that’s the way life is for us of less than stellar health, the other was because of her less than pleasant bedside manner.

Anyhow, nothing at all came out of today’s appointment. There was vague mention of the last time I’d had bloodwork done, they did tests for the Scleroderma & Lupus Antibodies (and maybe a couple of others, I don’t recall) and neither of them show up in my bloodwork, which is no different than when they did those same tests in 2006.

We discussed the RHC, participating in Hawt Doc’s study and me now having PAH. She wasn’t really all there, to be honest. I told her I was taking Revatio and she totally didn’t clue in to the fact that it was Viagra until I told her it was. She thought I was taking part in some other study where they gave you either a placebo or Viagra(?), until I corrected her and told her that I am in fact taking the drug with absolute certainty.

Really: NOT. ALL. THERE.

Having said that, there is probably a very good explanation for her lack of attention: She’s retiring in July. I have one more appointment with her in March and then in July, there will be a sort of “pass the torch onto Rheumy II” appointment. The most decent thing she said was that she’s hoping that Rheumy II takes me on as her patient because Scleroderma is in fact her specialty. Cross your fingers that it happens.

As a side thought, Rheumy II is actually the doctor that presented at the National Scleroderma conference I attended a couple of years back, and the one I wanted to get a referral to when I just couldn’t jive with Rheumy. I guess I may get my wish afterall. I actually got a chance to meet Rheumy II on the first day of testing at the beginning of December for the Clinical Study. I’m hoping I get along with her better.

The only other thing I mentioned was that Hawt Doc has referred me to see a Liver Doc and I’ll be meeting with them for the first time in the New Year, whenever their office calls me. The only thing she commented on was if I’d ever had a liver biopsy and that they might not find anything other than I have a liver with a fatty disposition. -_-;

All in all, terrible day. I really don’t like seeing Rheumy all that much, but hey, I’m done with appointments for 2009 and I don’t have to do anything again until January 04/2010.



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