Talking about cookie recipes…

I haven’t really done much baking this year.

I probably won’t be doing much more before Christmas actually comes. I do have plans on baking a few loaves of banana cake and perhaps some gingerbread cakes for some of The Hubbs’ family members that don’t bake in the normal scheme of things.

While talking about fave cookies, I mentioned that one recipe that The Hubbs is particularly fond of is the Firecracker Fudge cookie. These things are chocolate cookies with chocolate chips, rolled in icing sugar before they’re baked so when they come out, they’re all white and crackly looking.

The recipe is found on the Nestle Toll House site, which I didn’t know about until today.

Here it is in all its sugary glory: Firecracker Fudge Cookies

2 thoughts on “Talking about cookie recipes…

  1. lol I was just about to start making some cookies tonight, for the first time in many many months! hahaha.
    I remember there being a spattering of those cookies on the bakebakebake community, maybe a year back or so? They were popular for a while. I remember them being called something else though…

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      Really! I didn’t know that. I picked up this recipe originally from my much-loved and horribly-abused cookbook from Good Housekeeping(?) a good number of years back.
      I am most disappointed that I’ve almost stopped doing Christmas baking in the last couple of years :(

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