I have a dilemma…

I’m going to try my hand at making spritz cookies with my brand new, never been used, 2 year old electric cookie press!!

But which recipe to use?

Spritz cookies or Butter cookies?

The recipes are very similar. The only real difference is the spritz cookies use 3 yolks and the butter cookies 1 whole egg… which means no egg white waste.

I realize, that if I were an eggwhite-only eater, this wouldn’t be an issue and I could just have myself an eggwhite-only omelette for breakky, but such is not the case ^_^

Then there’s also the conundrum of should I just make plain ol’ vanilla cookies or should I get all wild and make some almond flavoured.

I suppose I could try BOTH recipes, but that just screams a lot of cookies to me o_O;;;

Edit: …. Or I could make both recipes to compare and then use the remaining eggwhites to make meringue cookies -_-; 1147am


4 thoughts on “I have a dilemma…

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      I ended up trying the butter cookie recipe and it didn’t turn out too badly! I will say though — when I read the recipe, 2 2/3 cup of flour to only 1 egg + 2tsp of vanilla for liquid seemed kinda stiff and I was right. I ended up adding an extra egg to the dough and it made it work out perfectly, but I’m liking the looks of your cookies way better, so I’ll have to try that recipe!

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