Happy Boxing Day, everyone!

Hope Santa was good to everyone yesterday and you’re not out on the roads too long today braving the mad crowds tryng to score some great Boxing Day deals.

We’re gonna check out only one or two stores that are behind us here, then we’re off to spend some quality down time in the mountains at the Cabin with friends.

This year my brothers bought us 2 additional wiimotes, Super Mario Brothers for the wii. They also got The Hubbs Demon Souls and got me a really nice sweater from Banana Repubic.

Santa brought us each a pair of new pants, some annual socks for the stocking, some fuzzy jammie pants, and a jammie set. The boys each got a black fuzzy fleece (The Hubbs got navy blue), fuzzy jammie pants, annual socks for their stockings and of course some undershirts.

All around, a 120% Christmas over last year, bar none.

Almost no stress, just good times and even though Baby Skywalker wasn’t there, she was still missed, but no one was making bitter comments about the whole thing, which is good.


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