My car has gender issues..

It would seem that my little Smartie has some issues it needs to work out — or perhaps it’s just me.

I keep thinking of it as a boy and thusly keep wanting to call it Artie, at least in my head.

Turns out, The Hubbs is adamant that Tamagotchi is a girl.

I didn’t know this until a few days ago.

“Because SAM is a boy, Tamagotchi has to be a girl!” he says.

My car is a cross-dresser, perhaps?

2 thoughts on “My car has gender issues..

    1. TeaseMeGirl

      I had one too when I was in Uni/College.
      It happened to be obscenely bright pink with green accents… in fact, I believe I still have it. Throw a couple of new batteries in there and it’d be all good to go!
      I should totally hang it from my rearview mirror or something.

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