Since doing the RHC back in December, it would appear that I’m having a bitch of a time breathing. With not being able to breathe fully from the interstitial lung disease, this just makes things more difficult, especially when it feels like I have a weight sitting on my chest.

Getting dressed is tiresome, getting out the tub causes major issues and climbing stairs is still troublesome. The last few days I’ve been kind of wishing I had an O2 tank because it makes me feel like I can breathe like a normal human being again. But at the same time, the idea of me having an O2 tank means that my lungs are crapping out on me.

Being witness to my increasing struggles to breathe over the last while, The Hubbs has brought up the topic of moving to a bungalow again.

On the one hand I’m rather excited and thrilled, but on the other I’m totally terrified and somewhat saddened.

The biggest reasons as to why making a move to a new house panics me so is that we’d be leaving the house that we had always thought would be our forever home. We’re perfectly situated within easy distance of so much and we had planned on having a family in this place. It’s what we could afford at the time and it was perfectly suited to us to have kids with a great big backyard for playing in and a just big enough to have a garden to grow stuff in. Obviously we know that’s no longer in the picture, but nonetheless it’s still sad to see that dream go away.

The other thing about moving to a new place is the panic involved with selling our house. Hoping that a buyer will find our house and the price within reason is just nerve wracking to me. I realize that Calgary’s still booming and we’re in a constant state of having housing prices increase to astronomical values, and people are more than willing to pay it, but I’m not. Money is a huge issue for me. Being able to afford a new or new-to-us house without falling into another deep mortgage hole is terrifying. I don’t want to end up having to start a mortgage from scratch again.

Right now our options are somewhat limited, mainly because of where we’re willing to move to and how much we’re prepared to spend.

Realistically, we should consider building in Skyview Ranch. The price of the bungalow we’ve had our eye on for the last little while is totally within our budget (at time of viewing in the fall) with choosing to develop the basement and build a detached garage. And crunching the numbers, we’d still be able to come out of it with some cash in our pockets and be mortgage free… assuming that our current house sold at the going rate of the neighbourhood.

The few drawbacks of moving all the way out to SVR:
1) It’s way out far away from my parents.
2) It’s a brand new community so there really aren’t many amenities close by, but it is right beside the ring road.
3) It’s close to the gas plant.
4) It’s way far away from my parents.

On the other side of the spectrum, as of this evening, there are three bungalows for sale in our community.

The first two were both built in the early 90’s and the third was built in 2001. Prices are pretty much the going rate for our neighbourhood and if we could afford it, we probably would stay in this community.

Of the two bungalows built in the early nineties, I’m kind of torn between them, mainly based on aesthetics. One has maple hardwood flooring (and cabinetry, etc) and the other is just the standard builder’s white (for a lack of a better term). I know one of them has big tub, but I can’t recall which. The house built in 2001 is the same age as our house and it had the basement developed last year… I’m pretty sure it has a tub in the master bath.

Anyhow, all this thinking about moving has sort of sent my brain into a bit of a tizzy and a panic with a little bit of hope thrown into the mix. The Hubbs’ sister made a comment on my facebook status earlier this evening asking if we’d be willing to sell our house to them if we were thinking of moving which is what prompted most of the tizzying. If they could afford to buy our house at a decent price, it would just be.. well.. awesome.

So.. yeah. I should really be sleeping.


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