Go, Kid Bro, Go!

I just taught Baby Bro how to make fettucine alfredo from scratch.

Tonight he’s going to be cooking dinner and watching a few movies with this girl he likes.

As payment for teaching him how to make said dish, we got to eat the results of his first attempt.

There’s nothing like the taste of real butter, full fat creme and parmesan cheese mixed with fresh pasta for a quick’n’easy meal. I always find it shocking how many people don’t actually know what cream, butter and cheese taste like on pasta. So many restaurants do such a crappy job of cream sauces for pasta, it’s a shame.

Dinner was pretty swell for Baby Bro’s first time and even he was rather impressed.

Unfortunately for me, leftover alfredo sauce doesn’t taste the greatest when reheated, but it’ll be alright for a midnight snack.

I certainly won’t complain ^_^


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